Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Poway Democratic Club is Thursday, September 10, 2015, at 6:00 PM, at the Mainstream Bar & Grill, located at 13385 Poway Rd (map).


Program: Sierra Club's Proposed 1% Land Fund

Speaker: Debbie Hecht

The San Diego Sierra Club is proposing that 1% of property taxes be set aside to purchase and maintain land to be used to protect natural resources and improve quality of life. Ms. Hecht will review the proposal and the plan for its implementation. She will also describe a current success story in Hawaii County where 2% has been set aside since 2006 protecting over 1,200 acres from development.

About the Speaker:

Debbie Hecht moved to San Diego in 2011 and is currently the chair of the Sierra Club San Diego Steering Committee. She has been an environmental activist since 1998 when she became a board member of the Tucson Mountains Association. She helped save 880 acres of critical habitat and pass an Open Space Bond. She moved to Hawaii in 2002 and was instrumental in establishing the County's 2% Land Fund.

Note: Dinner/Social time begins at 6:00 pm and the main program begins at 7 pm. While you are not required to purchase dinner, we do encourage you to take advantage of the Mainstream B & G's menu of good food and full bar.

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