Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Poway Democratic Club is Thursday, June 11, 2015, at 6:30 PM, at the home of members Scott and Lynne Currier, located at 16318 Avenida Florencia (map).


Program: Clean Elections

Speaker: John Hartley

Money in politics is the biggest threat to our democracy. The Supreme Court's Citizen United decision has only made the problem worse. Now, more than ever, candidates need to court big money donors in order to get elected and reelected. While politicians will never admit it, they do listen disproportionately to big money donors and act accordingly. We are becoming a nation of one dollar - one vote instead of one person - one vote. One approach to take money out of politics is public funding of elections. The Neighborhoods for Clean Elections is working to implement clean elections in the City of San Diego. Mr. Hartley will provide an overview clean elections and their effort to enact a Clean Elections Citizens Initiative for the City of San Diego in 2016.

About the Speaker:

John Hartley is the Coordinator for Neighborhoods for Clean Elections. He is a former San Diego City Council member and a long time environmental and democratic club activist in San Diego. He has been involved in the struggle for clean elections for San Diego since 2002.

Note: Social time begins at 6:30 pm and the main program begins at 7 pm.

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